“Field Tetris” proposes creating a family of 16 individually mobile objects called tetracubes that can aggregate systematically or chaotically to create a wide variety of ‘scenes.’ Each tetracube consists of a grouping of four 2’x2’x2’ cubes (there are 8 unique such groupings) and can be packed neatly into a larger 8’x8’x8’ cube or scattered around a particular site like breadcrumbs. As the title suggests, the installation is meant to be played by event organizers, performers or even the audience!
The basic principle behind the proposal is to maintain a dialogue between the part and the whole. Identically sized in total volume and weight so that each could be carried by 2‐3 people with relative ease, not only are the pieces similar to one another but also they can fit together – interlock, stack, and aggregate in geometrically regular ways. The grid further reinforces the appearance of similarity while the limited palette of warm colors helps to distinguish each pair of unique pieces without disrupting the cohesive reading of the whole.
Type of Project: Installation
Status: Proposed